Intel® FPGA RTE for OpenCL™ Pro Edition: Getting Started Guide

ID 683173
Date 3/28/2022

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3.7. Uninstalling the Software

To uninstall the Intel® FPGA RTE for OpenCL™ for Linux, remove the software package via the RPM uninstaller, then delete the software directory and restore all modified environment variables to their previous settings.
Note: Before uninstalling the Intel® FPGA RTE for OpenCL™ Pro Edition for Linux, you must first uninstall the FPGA board. Refer to Uninstalling an FPGA Board for more information.
  1. Remove the software package by executing the rpm -e intel-fpga-opencl-pro-rte command. This uninstalls the RTE.
  2. Remove $INTELFPGAOCLSDKROOT/bin from the PATH environment variable.
  3. Remove $INTELFPGAOCLSDKROOT/host/linux64/lib from the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable.
  4. Remove the INTELFPGAOCLSDKROOT environment variable.