IOPLL Intel FPGA IP Core Release Notes

ID 683166
Date 9/28/2020

IOPLL Intel FPGA IP v18.0

Table 3.  v18.0 May 2018
Description Impact
Renamed Intel FPGA IOPLL IP core to IOPLL Intel FPGA IP core as per Intel rebranding.
Added new settings to reduce jitter peaking: charge pump current, loop resistance, and ripplecap settings.
Added a new GUI parameter: Create a permit_cal signal to connect with an upstream PLL to export the permit_cal input.
Added a new input signal: permit_cal. Connecting this permit_cal port to the locked output port of the upstream I/O PLL ensures that the cascaded I/O PLLs are calibrated in the correct order.
Improved compensation accuracy.
Decreased IP simulation time.

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