AN 932: Flash Access Migration Guidelines from Control Block-Based Devices to SDM-Based Devices

ID 683127
Date 7/31/2023

1.1. Introduction

The flash access migration guidelines provide an idea on how you can implement a design with flash access and Remote System Update (RSU) operation on supported devices. These guidelines can also help you migrate from control block-based design to Secure Device Manager (SDM)-based design with flash access and RSU operation. Newer devices use SDM-based architecture with different flash access and remote system update when compared to legacy devices using control block-based architecture.

Table 1.  Supported Devices by Architecture Type
Architecture Type Device Families
SDM-based Intel Agilex® FPGA portfolio:
  • Intel Agilex® 5
  • Intel Agilex® 7
Intel® Stratix® 10
Control block-based Stratix® V
Arria® V (including SoC devices)
Cyclone® V (including SoC devices
Intel® Arria® 10 (including SoC devices)