System Console and Toolkit Tcl Command Reference Manual

ID 683101
Date 12/12/2022

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2.2.5. _hw.tcl Display Item Properties

Name Description
ACTION_PRIORITY The priority of the associated action.
ADDITIONAL_ARGS Additional arguments to the display item.
CHANNEL Associated channel information for a given display item. This property is automatically set by the framework and may only be read using get_display_item_property. set_display_item_property may not be used to set this property.
DESCRIPTION A description of this display item, which may be used as a tooltip.
DISPLAY_GROUP Defines the hierarchical grouping of parameters and ACTION type display items.
DISPLAY_HINT A hint that can affect how this display item will be displayed in the parameter editor.
DISPLAY_NAME The label for the display item in the parameter editor. All display items and parameters in a given channel must have unique display names.
ENABLED Whether this display item is enabled or not.
PATH The path to a file. Only applies to display items of type ICON.
TEXT Text associated with a display item. Only applies to display items of type TEXT.
TYPE Type of the display item. This property is read-only and cannot be set with set_display_item_property.
VISIBLE Whether this display item is visible or not.