System Console and Toolkit Tcl Command Reference Manual

ID 683101
Date 9/26/2022

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1.1.26. claim_service


Claim service provides finer grain control of which portion of a service the user wants to use. This is an enhanced mode of open_service. The claim-group argument is required; library authors are advised to create their unique claim-group string to keep track of their claimed services, and to prevent other users from accessing their claimed services. For default scripting use, "" is an acceptable default for the claim-group argument. The claims argument is optional, and is used to specify what specific portion of a service the user wants to use. If that specific portion cannot be safely claimed - for example, if another user has claimed that portion for exclusive access - the claim_service command will fail. When specifying claims, the claim strings must be entered as a list of lists. Please see the examples below. Leaving the claims argument empty means the user wants to claim the entire channel for exclusive use. This is equivalent to using open_service to access the service. This call returns a new service-path where the claimed service will be placed. Use this new service-path to access the claimed service.


claim_service <serviceType> <servicePath> <libraryName> [<claims>]





claims (optional)


To claim a service for exclusive use with "" as the claim-group name, run:
	  claim_service <service-type> <service-path> ""
To claim a service with one claim, run:
	  claim_service <service-type> <service-path> claimGroup1 {{<claim contents>}}   , or
	  claim_service <service-type> <service-path> claimGroup1 [list [list <claim contents> ] ]
To claim a service with two claims, run:
	  claim_service <service-type> <service-path> claimGroup1 {{<claim1 contents>} {<claim2 contents>}}   , or
	  claim_service <service-type> <service-path> claimGroup1 [list [list <claim1 contents> ] [list <claim2 contents>]]