Intel® Stratix® 10 Hard Processor System Remote System Update User Guide

ID 683021
Date 4/05/2023

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Document Table of Contents Creating Combined Application Images

The following command is used to create combined application images:

quartus_pfg -c \
factory_design.sof \
combined_image.rpd \
-o app_image=app_design.sof \
-o app_image_hps_path=app_fsbl.hex \
-o hps_path=factory_fsbl.hex \
-o mode=ASX4 \
-o bitswap=ON \
-o rsu_upgrade=ON \
-o firmware_only=ON \
-o hps=1

The following table describes the parameters.

Parameter Description
factory_design.sof Input SOF file, containing the FPGA design for the factory image
combined_image.rpd Output combined application image
-o app_image=app_design.sof Input SOF file, containing the FPGA design for the application image
-o app_image_hps_path=app_fsbl.hex Input HPS FSBL hex file for application image
-o hps_path=fsbl.hex Input HPS FSBL hex file for factory image
-o bitswap=ON Create file in regular binary format
-o rsu_upgrade=ON Select factory upgrade image
-o firmware_only=ON Select to upgrade just decision firmware
-o hps=1 Use only for HPS first designs

For FPGA first case, the parameter “-o hps=1” must be omitted, and the file combined_image.rpd is created.

For HPS first the parameter “-o hps=1” must be passed, and the following two files will be created:

  • combined_image.hps.rpd—the combined application image
  • combined_image.core.rbf—corresponding fabric configuration file