OpenCL™ Developer Guide for Intel® Processor Graphics

ID 773088
Date 3/20/2019
Document Table of Contents

OpenCL™ Optimization Guide for Visual Computing Systems

Apply the optimizations described in this guide using the Intel® OpenCL™ Code Builder, which is available with:

  1. Intel® Media Server Studio
  2. Intel® Code builder for OpenCL™ API for Linux*
This publication, the OpenCL™ Developer Guide for Intel® Processor Graphics, was previously known as the OpenCL™ Optimization Guide for Intel® Processor Graphics.

OpenCL™ Code builder is a software development tool that enables development of OpenCL applications via well-known integrated development environments, targeting the Intel® Architecture processors with the Intel® Processor Graphics.

The tool supports local (host-based) and remote (target-based) development on the following platforms, IDEs, and devices:

Operating System Host/Target OpenCL™ Code Builder as part of Intel® Media Server Studio Intel® Code Builder for OpenCL™ API
Windows* Host - Yes
Target - Yes
Linux* Host Yes Yes
Target Yes Yes

To better understand which version of Code Builder is fitting to you, check the Which Version of the Code Builder to Pick? article.