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Developer Guide for Intel® oneAPI Math Kernel Library Windows*

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Date 3/22/2024

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Dynamic Libraries in the lib32 Directory

Some of the libraries in this directory are optional. However, some optional libraries are installed by default, while the rest are not. To get those libraries that are not installed by default, explicitly select the specified optional component during installation.



Optional Component


Installed by Default


Single Dynamic Library for C/Fortran functionality.

Instead of multiple libraries, the user can link to one mkl_rt library and select interface and threading via function or environment variable.


Interface Layer



Interface library for dynamic linking.

All Intel® oneAPI Math Kernel Library (oneMKL) function domains are presented in this library.


Threading Layer



OpenMP threading library for dynamic linking with the Intel compilers.

All oneMKL function domains support Intel OpenMP threading.



Intel TBB threading library for the Intel compilers.

All oneMKL function domains support Intel TBB threading.

Intel TBB threading support



Sequential library for dynamic linking.

All oneMKL function domains support sequential mode.


Computational Layer



All non–architecture-specific implementation and library dispatcher for architecture-specific kernels.

Read more about how to work with mkl_enable_instructions and mkl_cbwr_set in the developer reference.

mkl_core_dll.lib is required for any link configurations.


In case any functionality from a specific library is needed, this library should be added to the link line. For example, if you want to use oneMKL with the Intel compiler + TBB threading, the link line should contain:

  1. mkl_intel_c_dll for the interface layer
  2. mkl_tbb_thread_dll for TBB threading
  3. mkl_core_dll for all other oneMKL functionality

Details about what should be linked in different cases can be found in the oneMKL Link Line Advisor.

Product and Performance Information

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