Intel® Inspector User Guide for Windows* OS

ID 767798
Date 3/31/2023

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Running Memory Error and Threading Error Analyses

When you run an analysis, the Intel Inspector executes an application, optionally launches a debugger depending on your analysis configuration options, identifies issues that may need handling, collects those issues in a result, converts symbol information into filenames and line numbers, applies suppression rules, performs duplicate elimination, and forms problem sets.

Run a Newly Configured Memory Error or Threading Error Analysis

On the Command toolbar on the Analysis Type window, click the Start button.

Outcome: The Intel Inspector starts executing and inspecting the application for issues, and collects those issues in a result.

Rerun a Memory Error or Threading Error Analysis

To Do This

Do This

Run another analysis...

Use a recently used analysis type.

From the:

  • Visual Studio* menu, choose Tools > Intel Inspector <version>. Then choose a recently used analysis.

  • Intel Inspector standalone GUI menu, choose File > New. Then choose a recently used analysis.

Run another analysis...

Use the same analysis type as that in a specific result.

In the Visual Studio* Solution Explorer:

  1. Right-click the result in the project result folder to display a context menu.
  2. Choose Re-inspect.