Intel® Inspector Get Started Guide

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Date 3/22/2024

Get Started with Intel® Inspector


Sanitizers in Intel® oneAPI DPC++/C++ Compiler and Intel® Fortran Compiler help effectively pinpoint memory, address, threading, and undefined behavior related issues early in the development process. Sanitizers offer faster time to results, fewer false positives, and improved compiler integration compared to Intel Inspector. As a result, Intel Inspector will no longer be included in the Intel® HPC Toolkit. It continues to be downloadable as a standalone package and it will be discontinued in 2025 or later. Customers who have purchased Intel® Priority Support will continue to receive support. Please see Intel Inspector deprecation article for more information.

Intel® Inspector is a dynamic memory and threading error checking tool for users developing serial and multithreaded applications on Windows* and Linux* operating systems.

This document summarizes the typical workflow to get started using the Intel Inspector GUI.

Key Features

Intel Inspector offers:

  • Standalone GUI, Microsoft Visual Studio* plug-in, and command line operational environments.
  • Preset analysis configurations (with some configurable settings), as well as the ability to create custom analysis configurations to help you control analysis scope and cost.
  • Visibility into individual problems, problem occurrences, and call stack information, with problem prioritization and filtering by inclusion and exclusion to help you focus on items that require your attention.
  • Problem suppressions support to help you focus on only those issues that require your attention, including the ability to:
    • Create suppression rules based on stacks
    • Convert third-party suppression files to the Intel Inspector suppression file format
    • Create and edit suppression files in a text editor
  • Interactive debugging capability so you can investigate problems more deeply during analysis
  • Persistent, propagated problem state information to help you avoid investigating issues over and over again
  • A wealth of reported memory errors, including on-demand memory leak detection
  • Memory growth measurement to help ensure your application uses no more memory than expected
  • Data race, deadlock, lock hierarchy violation, and cross-thread stack access error detection, including error detection on the stack
  • Intel® Software Manager to download and install Intel software updates, manage subscription status of installed software, activate serial numbers, and discover the latest news about Intel software (Windows* OS only)

Intel Inspector is available as a standalone installation and as part of the following products:

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