Edge Insights for Autonomous Mobile Robots (EI for AMR) Robot Orchestration Get Started Guide

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Date 6/17/2022

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Robot Orchestration with the Edge Insights for Autonomous Mobile Robots Server Kit

This guide describes how to configure an Intel® Smart Edge Open Single-Node or Multi-Node setup to communicate with Edge Insights for Autonomous Mobile Robots, install the Edge Insights for Autonomous Mobile Robots (EI for AMR) server kit for robot orchestration, and set up the ThingsBoard* reference. For how to install the robot kit, see the Get Started Guide for Robots.

For more information about complex scenarios, advanced features, and debugging, see the Developer Guide.

The setup consists of:

  • One control plane used to control all other nodes through Kubernetes*. It can be installed alongside the worker node on the same system resulting on a Single-Node deployment or on a different system for a Multi-Node deployment.

  • Multiple worker nodes to be used by EI for AMR for different resource intensive actions like:

    • Remote inference

    • Collaborative SLAM

    • Other actions that help EI for AMR perform their purpose efficiently.

  • One or more EI for AMR. This page focuses on the server parts of the setup. For how to install and configure an EI for AMR, see the Get Started Guide for Robots.

Intel® Smart Edge Open is built on top of Kubernetes*, a production-grade platform for managing containerized workloads and services. Intel® Smart Edge Open experience kits customize and extend the Kubernetes control plane and edge node with microservices, third-party applications, extensions, and optimizations. The control plane node and one or more edge nodes form an Intel® Smart Edge Open edge cluster.

  • A Multi-Node cluster deployment consists of an Intel® Smart Edge Open Kubernetes control plane and of one or multiple Intel® Smart Edge Open edge nodes.

    The Multi-Node example below uses one machine for the control plane, Machine A, and uses Machine B and Machine C as two worker nodes.

  • In a Single-Node cluster deployment, control plane services coexist on the same physical node as the edge node.

    The Single-Node example below uses Machine A as both the control plane and the worker node.

The currently supported versions are:

  • Base OS: Ubuntu* 20.04 LTS

  • ROS 2 with data distribution service: Foxy

  • OpenVINO™: 2021.4

  • Intel® oneAPI Base Toolkit: 2021.4

  • Intel® RealSense™ SDK: v2.50

  • Simulation: Gazebo* v11.8.1 + Agile Robotics for Industrial Automation Competition (ARIAC) world

EI for AMR is delivered as a compressed .zip file that is compatible with the operating system you selected during the download. The .zip contains a binary executable file, a manifest file that lists the modules to be installed, and a configuration file (config.ini).

See Troubleshooting if you run into problems installing the software.

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