The Deep Integration of LiCO* with Intel oneAPI

Lenovo* Intelligent Supercomputing Orchestration (LiCO) is a one-stop solution for HPC and AI. Through LiCO, HPC clusters can be quickly deployed, which includes the scheduling, monitoring, billing, computing libraries, distributed file systems, and high availability that are required for cluster operation and management.

A user-friendly web interface is provided for administrators and users. Through the deep integration of Intel oneAPI, LiCO:

  • Provides various HPC and AI job templates based on a performance-optimization computing library from Intel.
  • Integrates components like Intel® VTune™ Profiler and Intel® Distribution for GDB*. These debug and performance-tuning tools help you make better use of HPC cluster computing power.



Jian Wang graduated from Zhejiang Sci-Tech University with a master's degree in 2009, and worked for Nokia Siemens Networks*, Ericsson*, and Jiayin Jinke. He is engaged in software research and development, and is familiar with Python*, Google Go* programming language, and Linux*.

Jiang joined Lenovo in 2021 to research HPC and AI platform-capacity building.