TAU Performance System* for SYCL* and E4S

The TAU Performance System* is a versatile profiling and tracing toolkit included in the Extreme-Scale Scientific Software Stack (E4S). This system supports performance evaluation of high-performance computing (HPC), AI, and machine-learning applications built to run on Intel® CPUs and GPUs using Intel oneAPI. TAU supports performance instrumentation of unmodified binaries as well as compiler-based instrumentation. E4S provides:

  • A curated distribution of open-source libraries using Spack package manager
  • Tools (including TAU)
  • Data and visualization packages available for installation on bare-metal, Singularity, or Docker* containers.


Sameer Shende serves as a research associate professor and the director of the Performance Research Laboratory at the University of Oregon and as the president and director of ParaTools* in the US and France. His research interests include performance evaluation tools and software stacks.