Target NVIDIA* and AMD* with oneAPI and SYCL*

During the past five to 10 years, an increasing number of developers have discovered that they can use GPUs to accelerate their software in a range of fields, especially the emerging field of AI and machine learning. 

The market for GPUs consists of a multivendor heterogeneous landscape but developers are often locked into proprietary programming models. oneAPI is simplifying bringing your software to multiple architectures by offering support for the latest accelerators.

This 90-minute workshop gets developers familiar with the following:

  • The path towards transitioning from proprietary to open-standards software
  • Using oneAPI to target NVIDIA* and AMD* GPUs
  • Using familiar profiling and debugging tools with oneAPI


Rafal Bielski started his career as a particle physics researcher passionate about high-throughput processing of large datasets. His interests led him to working as a C++ software developer at CERN, where he created and optimized a real-time data processing framework for a dedicated computing farm in one of the Large Hadron Collider experiments. In 2023, Rafal joined Codeplay* Software where he employs his passion for high-performance computing (HPC) to help others achieve the best performance in parallel processing with SYCL*.