Take Advantage of Instrumentation and Tracing Technology for Analysis

This video demonstrates using the Locks and Waits Analysis in Intel® VTune™ Profiler with the Instrumentation and Tracing Technology API.

While code instrumentation is optional for Intel VTune Profiler analysis, instrumented code can provide enhanced insights into algorithm performance. Examples of use cases that can benefit from instrumentation include analyzing applications that perform repeated calculations or analyzing transaction processing on a per transaction basis to discover cases that experience bad performance.

A data collection is run on the instrumented code, as you normally would. The Summary tab activates. It includes summary statistics and main hot spots at the top, a CPU use histogram in the middle, and the platform information at the bottom. It also includes a table of the top tasks and events by count and runtime, and a frame-rate histogram showing the duration of the frames with the count of fast and slow frames relative to each other.

This information is used to streamline parallel application execution flow.