SYCL* 2020 in hipSYCL: DPC++ on AMD* and NVIDIA*

One of the four major SYCL* implementations, hipSYCL, focuses on aggregating hardware support for multivendor hardware provided by those toolchains within one single framework. Recently, hipSYCL has also started adopting DPC++ and SYCL 2020 features, such as unified shared memory, reductions, and more, to increase portability of code using these features for AMD* GPUs.

After a brief introduction to hipSYCL, this video explores how it fits into the oneAPI ecosystem, specifically SYCL 2020 and DPC++ features like unified shared memory or group algorithms across supported hardware. Learn what you can expect from hipSYCL in terms of functionality and performance.



Aksel Alpay is a researcher and software engineer from Heidelberg University where he works on high-performance computing topics. In particular, he is the creator and lead developer of the hipSYCL SYCL implementation, and also engages within the Khronos SYCL working group to advance the language.

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