Intel's Strategy for Heterogeneous Programming with oneAPI

Intel believes that innovation thrives in an open ecosystem, enables choice, and is equally accessible to all. The oneAPI project and its components reflect this commitment to an active ecosystem and feature an open specification. Intel advances support for numerous diverse computing architectures.

SYCLomatic and SYCL* support this large ecosystem. SYCLomatic helps developers migrate code written in different programming languages to the SYCL heterogeneous programming model. Compiling SYCL enables Intel® and NVIDIA* hardware to run this code.

Watch a demo on how to migrate CUDA* code to SYCL, compile it, and then run it on an NVIDIA* GPU.


Jon Kim is a technical consulting engineer who joined Intel Korea in 2014. He is responsible for supporting Intel oneAPI, and consults with customers to enhance their development process and to optimize and improve product quality. Jon acquired his master's degree in robotics and AI from the University of Pennsylvania.

Taehun Kim is a software technical consulting engineer who joined Intel Korea in 2022. He had worked at Cray, Korea Institute of Atmospheric Prediction Systems, and Samsung SDS*. Taehun has more than 20 years of experience in improving the HPC software performance. He holds a PhD in environmental atmospheric science from Pukyong National University and a master's degree in marine science from Pusan National University, South Korea.