Single-Source Heterogeneous Programming with DPC++ & SYCL: Part 2


This talk introduces oneAPI and Data Parallel C++ (DPC++) for heterogeneous programming as an extension to standard C++, which incorporates parallelism directly into the language using SYCL specifications. Explore SYCL 2020 features, like unified shared memory, subgroups, and reductions. View some hands-on coding samples and see how DPC++ increases productivity and helps to achieve performance.

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Rakshith Krishnappa is a developer evangelist at Intel, focused on oneAPI, DPC++, and high-performance computing. For the last 16 years, he has worked on various Intel products including CPUs, GPUs, HPC products, and software solutions.

Praveen Kundurthy is a developer evangelist at Intel with over 15 years of experience in software development and optimization on Intel platforms. In his current role, he works with universities and developers to help them learn and use oneAPI for their projects. He has expertise in C++, C#, and Python* programming languages. Over the past few years at Intel, he has worked on topics spanning artificial intelligence, storage technologies, gaming, virtual reality, and Android. Praveen has a master’s degree in computer engineering from Mississippi State University.