Scale AI with End-to-End Productivity, Performance, Openness, and Security

Learn how Intel works with ecosystem collaborators to deliver new levels of performance through software acceleration of popular AI frameworks. Simultaneously, the team is maximizing developer productivity and ease of use by creating and embracing open, unified, and secure standards for a suite of end-to-end AI tools and libraries.


Wei Li is responsible for AI software engineering and hardware codesign. His team is instrumental in Intel's multibillion dollar AI revenue growth. Wei received his PhD in supercomputing computer science from Cornell University, and taught advanced compiling techniques at Stanford University.

Jean-Luc Chatelain is the chief technology officer (CTO) of Accenture* applied intelligence and leads the innovation and technology strategy focused on AI, advanced analytics, and cognitive automation. With the strength of a global and diverse team of designers, engineers, and data scientists, he leads the development and roadmap of a flagship intelligence system: the Applied Intelligence Platform (AIP+).