Powering Heterogeneous Computing

Recently, Intel and SiPearl* (a European-based CPU design company) partnered to develop the foundation for an exascale supercomputing center that combines European technology and Intel's oneAPI software and hardware. The technology revolves around an ARM* processor (Neoverse v8) and HPC-class discrete GPUs from Intel (with Xe Architecture). To make this heterogenous ecosystem function, Intel uses the cross-architecture powers of oneAPI with SYCL* (DPC++) code compiled to target ARM as well as Xe Architecture. The benefit: One code base, multiple diverse target architectures, and no vendor-lock-in.


Vincent Casillas manages the research and development of teams in the consumer division of STMicroelectronics. He brings SiPearl experience to the management of development projects and process implementations. He is an expert in software design and has always worked closely with hardware architecture teams. Before SiPearl, Vincent was the head of software for the Vehicle Connectivity Solutions division of Valeo*.

Shailen Sobhee is a software architect for exascale with over eight years of HPC and AI experience. A seasoned speaker and a technology enthusiast, he is a huge fan of open, standardized, and scalable technologies.

Gilles Civario is software architect for exascale based in France. Previously, he was a senior HPC architect at Dell* and the Irish Centre for High-End Computing (ICHEC). Gilles has a background in applied mathematics and scientific computing.