Intel®-Optimized Libraries for AI: a Fast Track to oneAPI

Aible* gives developers, data scientists, machine learning engineers, and their business teams an end-to-end data analytics and automated machine learning (AutoML) platform. 

Learn how Aible used the Intel® Optimization for TensorFlow*, NumPy, and SciPy to get the:

  • Performance benefits of oneAPI on Intel® architecture
  • Minimal code impact and resulting performance gains

Ongoing and current results are also covered.


Rod Butters, chief technology officer (CTO) for Aible, has 20 years of experience successfully delivering enterprise applications, infrastructure, and cloud solutions from concept to market.

Before Aible, Rod was CTO of Kenandy*. While there, he architected, built, and deployed the cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) on the Salesforce* platform.