An Application of oneAPI in Domestic Petroleum Exploration Software

After 20 years of development, GeoEast* (petroleum exploration software with independent intellectual property rights) is a comprehensive geophysical exploration software family. The software is a part of almost all major oil and gas discoveries in China. With the popularization of high-density acquisition and prestack migration imaging technology, its computation has increased by more than 1,000 times. As a GeoEast construction tool, oneAPI provides a solid high-performance base for maintaining the software's industry-leading performance.



Xudong Zhang is the director of the Computer Technology Research Department in the Geophysical Technology Research Center of the Orient Geophysical Corporation. He is in charge of the research and development of high-performance computing and system software.

Xudong joined Orient Geophysical in 1996 and is engaged in the research and development of domestic oil exploration software. He presides over the interactive framework and velocity analysis software. Xudong converts wave static-correction software, tomographic-inversion software, and performance optimization in the research and development of GRISYS, GRIStation, and GeoEast software.