Introduction: oneAPI DevSummit 2023

Sri Ramkrishna and Susan Kahler kick off the first oneAPI DevSummit of 2023.


Sriram Ramkrishna is the community manager of oneAPI with over 20 years of working in technical and open source communities ranging from application and user space communities to communities who work in kernel and near metal space. Sri is expanding and evolving the oneAPI community into a vibrant and active community that provides value and scope for innovation in the various fields that involve AI, HPC, and beyond.

Susan Kahler is a product marketing manager for AI at Intel. She has her PhD in human factors and ergonomics, where she used analytics to quantify and compare mental models of how humans learn complex operations. She has held roles in user-centered design, product management, customer insights, consulting and operational risk. Susan recently completed a master of science in analytics, focusing on healthcare analytics. She also holds a patent for a software navigation system to guide users through dynamically changing systems.