Julia*: Advance Scientific Discovery Across Architectures

The mission of Julia* Computing is to advance scientific discovery. Achieving this goal across many disciplines means using modern techniques across varying architectures. This presentation covers two intersections of exciting new methods and hardware to accelerate scientific insight:

  • JuliaSim, where cutting-edge machine learning techniques are applied to physical simulations
  • oneAPI to efficiently to program accelerators.


Jacob Vaverka is a sales engineer at Julia Computing who is working to transform industrial modeling and simulation with JuliaSim. He holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from the University of Georgia and has six years of experience developing HPC tools for automotive simulations.

Tim Besard is a software engineer at Julia Computing who is working on GPU support for the Julia language. He holds a PhD in computer science engineering from Ghent University, Belgium, for research on abstractions to program hardware accelerators in high-level programming languages.