FPGA development can be slow for two primary reasons:

  1. Compile time.
  2. Lack of intuitive tools that streamline bottleneck removal and optimize a design for the FPGA fabric without requiring you to have years of Register-Transfer Level (RTL) design experience.

Attend this session to see how the Intel® FPGA Add-on for oneAPI Base Toolkit can solve these issues. FPGA software engineers Tanner Young-Schultz and Adonay Berhe cover these topics:

  • Introduce an iterative, software-friendly way of performance tuning without the need for full hardware bitstream compilation.
  • Discuss how to identify performance bottlenecks and read static report files in oneAPI FPGA designs.
  • Perform quick compilations and program the applications iteratively for the FPGA.
  • Showcase several optimization techniques defined in the DPC++ language to get better performance out of the design.

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Note This is an add-on to the Intel® oneAPI Base Toolkit. Download.

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Intel® FPGA Add-On for oneAPI Base Toolkit

Program these reconfigurable hardware accelerators to speed up specialized, data-centric workloads. This add-on requires installation of the Intel® oneAPI Base Toolkit.

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