Enable AI Developers on Their Journey to Scale with Intel® AI

Building and scaling AI systems quickly is increasingly critical in organizations’ ability to compete and grow. AI developers face common challenges that include:

  • Building an efficient data and AI infrastructure
  • Acquiring quality datasets
  • Developing high-performing trustable models
  • Deploying scalable inference engines in production

Rapid deployment expectations only adds to those challenges and forces faster AI development cycles.

This talk covers how developers can overcome those challenges and accelerate AI development cycles by using the tools and framework optimizations that are part of the AI software portfolio from Intel. Learn about Intel’s collaboration with Accenture* to develop and deliver AI reference kits that help you solve domain-specific business problems across healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and more.


As a part of the Applied Intelligence group at Accenture, Ramtin Davanlou leads the development of global offering and solutions in the analytics and AI space. His key responsibility is to drive growth through innovation and thought leadership in AI. He works with ecosystem collaborators and provides optimized solutions and technology architecture recommendations to clients in various industries.