Deploy Your SSH Key for Intel® VTune™ Profiler

The first time you start the Intel® VTune™ Profiler UI, create a project, and then in the menu or in the Welcome tab, select Configure Analysis.

To configure a remote Linux* target system, select the Where pane, and then select Remote Linux. Enter the target system user name, and network name or IP address.

Intel VTune Profiler communicates with the target system with passwordless SSH using a private/public key pair. If this is not already set up, the profiler creates a key pair in your home .ssh directory and deploys the public key to the target system's authorized keys file in the home .ssh directory.

To install the data collection drivers on the target system, select Deploy.

On the target system, Intel VTune Profiler creates or appends the authorized keys file in the user's home .ssh directory and installs the data collection drivers in the temporary Intel VTune Profiler target directory.

The data collection driver source code is in the sepdk src subdirectory, with some useful scripts to rebuild and reload the drivers, and query the current driver status.