Configure Intel® VTune™ Profiler for Performance Analysis: An Introduction

This get started video for Intel® VTune™ Profiler provides a hands-on overview of the UI, a data collection configuration, and performance data analysis views. Follow along to set up:

  • Remote or local data collection
  • A location for source and binary application files for source code hot spot and bottleneck identification
  • Hardware events for sampling and sampling intervals

Analysis types that can be configured include:

  • Hot spot analysis to detect functions that are consuming the most processor time
  • Threading analysis for locks and waits such as semaphores, mutexes, and I/O waits
  • System overview to explore system resource use
  • HPC performance characterization to analyze compute-intensive applications, memory access, and vectorization
  • I/O analysis for disk, network, and system bus throughput and latency
  • Microarchitecture exploration to identify processor instruction execution pipeline bottlenecks
  • Memory consumption and access analysis
  • GPU offload analysis

Each analysis type has various configuration options. Many include the option to specify user-mode sampling or hardware event-based sampling.