Jacobi Iterative Solver

Find approximate numerical solutions for systems of linear equations of the form Ax = b in numerical linear algebra, which is diagonally dominant.

Odd-Even Merge Sort Algorithm

This graph-traversal motif belongs to a sorting networks class. It's a preferred algorithm for sorting batches of short-sized to mid-sized (key, value) array pairs. 

Optical Flow Estimation

Optical flow is the pattern of apparent motion of image objects between two consecutive frames caused by the movement of an object or camera.

Migrate the MonteCarloMultiGPU Sample from CUDA to SYCL

Evaluate a fair call price for a given set of European options using the Monte Carlo approach. This sample uses a single CPU thread to control multiple GPUs.


Migrate the ConcurrentKernels Application from CUDA to SYCL

This sample demonstrates the use of SYCL queues for concurrently running several kernels on a GPU.

Migrate the SimpleCUDAGraphs from CUDA to SYCL

The simpleCUDAGraphs sample shows the migration of simple explicit CUDA Graph APIs to SYCL equivalent APIs using the Taskflow programming model.

Migrate and Optimize the QuasirandomGenerator from CUDA to SYCL

The QuasirandomGenerator sample implements Niederreiter Quasirandom Sequence Generator and Inverse Cumulative Normal Distribution functions for the generation of Standard Normal Distributions.

Migrate and Optimize the Convolution Separable from CUDA to SYCL

The convolution separable is a process in which a single convolution can be divided into two or more convolutions to produce the same output.