Learn how this algorithmic library provides better storage performance for Intel® CPUs and reduces developer investment.


Zlib Solutions Using Intel ISA-L

Intel® ISA-L provides high-performance compression and decompression interfaces for both stream-based and stateless data sources.


Build Storage Applications

Explore creating deduplication engines, high-throughput compression software, and efficient storage with Intel ISA-L and the Storage Performance Development Kit (SPDK).


Erasure Code and Data Recovery

Reduce latency for a storage application with erasure coding that uses Reed-Solomon error correction.


Semi-Dynamic Compression Algorithms

Build a sample storage application that uses algorithms in Intel ISA-L to improve compression and throughput performance.


Cryptographic Hashes for Cloud Storage

Download a code sample that shows how to improve deduplication performance.


Accelerate Data Deduplication

Improve storage space use by reducing the duplicated data for a given set of files. Combine the process with a hashing function that generates a fingerprint for the data chunks.


Performance on a XEN Project* Hypervisor

Compare library functions on a basic system to a virtual machine manager in a test environment.


Get Started with a Virtual Machine

Set up and run a kernel-based virtual machine (KVM) that measures the performance of library functions.


A Case Study on Big Data Storage Optimization

Intel collaborated with Qihoo 360* Technology Co. Ltd. to improve the storage infrastructure in their Internet Portal Data Center.