Intel® In-Band Manageability

Out of Band vs. In Band

Out of Band Manageability In Band Manageability
Integrated, hardware-based, out-of-band remote device management enabling customers to remotely fix issues through power cycling the edge device Reference solution for updating firmware and operating system remotely on IoT devices to keep deployed devices up-to-date with latest software configuration
Remote management on-premise or via the cloud using wired connectivity Remote management on-premise or via the cloud using wired or wireless connectivity
Operates independent of the host operating system and provides persistent connectivity Communicate with devices using standard networking capability when the host operating system is operational
Built below the operating system and has hardware and platform dependency Built above the operating system
Fixes system issues even when the operating system is down Provides the capability to update firmware and software when operating system is operational (only works in user space)

Handles cloud-initiated commands:

  • Reboot
  • Shutdown
  • Power up
  • Decommission

Handles cloud-initiated over-the-air commands:

  • Firmware over the air
  • Software over the air
  • Platform over the air
  • Application over the air