The Intel Developer Zone is a global site designed to engage the software community with insight, information, expertise, and tools to help drive innovation and success among developers who work in the Intel® software environment.

Registering for the Intel Developer Zone provides developers with opportunities to sell and distribute software and applications directly to customers in 45 countries and provides access to content in English and Chinese. In addition, you can connect and collaborate with Intel experts worldwide and engage with a community of peers, students, and educators from over 150 countries to share development advice and business opportunities, answer questions, and gather information on new platforms, technologies, and techniques.

Evolving technologies, growing customer expectations, and heightened consumer experiences—the business of creating best-selling software and popular applications—change from day to day. The Intel Developer Zone provides the perspective and resources software professionals need to plan for and react to these shifts.

Intel® processors power a huge range of devices—from Macs* and PCs to smartphones, tablets, and OEM devices. As a result, we need to pay attention to the software that runs on those devices in our constant pursuit of better user experiences. This puts Intel in a unique position to help developers make the most of their efforts across a variety of form factors, operating systems, and platforms.

The Intel Developer Zone was created for software professionals engaged in creating, developing, marketing, selling, and distributing software and applications. Our website provides development support, software resources, and market opportunities to everyone from seasoned developers and global software businesses to students and software startups.

A developer can register to post comments to forums and access a variety of technical content and resources. Additional requirements to access premium business resources may apply.

No. There are no costs to join the program or to access nearly all of our resources.

Before you create a new sign-in ID, you should know that many Intel® systems allow you to use the same ID. For example:

  • If you have registered any Intel® Software Development Products (such as, Intel® VTune™ Profiler), you can use your Intel Registration Center sign-in ID.
  • If you have submitted a support request using the Online Service Center, you should already have a sign-in ID.

If you think you already have an account, here are some useful links:

For Intel single-sign-on password rules, see Create a Valid Password.