Chest-rAi Enables Better Patient Experiences through AI and Intel Acceleration

Code Together Podcast | Episode 45
December 27th, 2022

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How can we harness AI for the good?

That’s a question increasingly raised as these technologies become more established across global societies. This conversation addresses the question—and offers answers—in the arena of healthcare; that is, exploring the use of AI across a variety of disciplines in the medical field.

Nandish S, a medical imaging and AI specialist from L&T Technology Services sat down with Intel to discuss how LTTS is using deep learning to improve the turnaround times for chest X-ray readings via its radiology suite, Chest-rAI*. They discuss the solution, how it works, why it’s important, and how it uses both the Intel® AI Analytics Toolkit and Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit to achieve increased performance while reducing turnaround time from 8 weeks to 2 weeks.

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