30 Days to AI Success (and Often in Merely 5)

Code Together Podcast | Episode 46
January 6th, 2023

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85% of AI and machine learning projects will fail to deliver. That’s according to a Gartner study projecting AI adoption and success through 2022.

It’s a brow-furrowing percentage. And even though the 2022 data aren’t in yet, we know that most companies playing in the AI space claim their products are *easy*—easy to learn, to use, and (most importantly) to realize amazing results from. But is that true?

In Aible’s case, all signs point to yes.

In this conversation, Intel sat down with the founder and CEO of Aible to discuss the company’s empirical success in helping its customers achieve AI value in less than 30 days, including:

  • Its embrace of failure (and failing fast)
  • Redefining what “easy to use” actually means
  • Holding a head-to-head contest—Aible product-trained high school kids versus bona fide data scientists—where the kids won.

They also discuss AI bias, its future, and how it has the power to transform how we work and live.

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