Intel® Toolkits, AI Tools, Compilers Supported Product Versions

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Updated 3/28/2024
Version Current


  • Supported Intel® Compilers Versions: 2024.1.0, 2023.2.4, 2022.3.1

  • Supported Intel® Libraries, Analysis, and AI Tools Versions: 2024.1.0

  • Supported Intel® Toolkits Versions: 2024.1.0

  • Supported Intel® AI Tools Version: 2024.1.0



Priority Support customers get support for the latest update of the last 3 major versions of compilers and the latest update of the other products. Additionally, priority support customers get access to all the updates of compilers from last 3 years and all the updates of other products from last 1 year. 

Supported Intel Toolkits Version:


Supported Intel AI Tools Version:



Note: Intel recommends users move to the current update of the latest release version of all products. This update includes functional and security updates as well as support for the latest OS and IDE environments. Security and critical bugs will only be fixed in the latest updates of the previous release versions of compilers. For other older releases, technical assistance will be provided.

Supported Compilers Versions:

2024.1.0, 2023.2.4, 2022.3.0

 Supported Non-Compiler Product Versions:


Unsupported Product Versions:

Users should upgrade to the latest version of Intel® developer tools. The unsupported versions below do not include the latest functional and security updates. Intel recommends users of these archived products uninstall and discontinue use as soon as possible and upgrade to the latest version.

  • Intel Parallel Studio XE, All Editions, All Versions

  • Intel System Studio, All Editions, All Versions

  • Intel System Studio for Microcontrollers, All Editions, All Versions

  • Intel Compilers Versions: 2024.0.2 and earlier

  • Intel Libraries, Analysis, and AI Tools Versions: 2024.0.0 and earlier

  • Intel Software DeveloperTools Versions: 2024.0.1 and earlier


The unsupported versions listed below are targeted to be removed after the date provided.

  •  Intel Parallel Studio XE, All Versions and Editions

                     Downloads Targeted to be Removed: 12/31/2023


  • Intel System Studio, All Versions and Editions

                Downloads Targeted to be Removed: 12/31/2023