Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers 2023.1 Release



Say hello to some of the latest improvements for the Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers (Intel® GPA) tool suite and Intel® GPA Framework.

Graphics Frame Analyzer

We've augmented our DirectX 12 Ultimate support for various shader pipeline statistics and performance metrics.

  • Mesh Shaders
  • Amplification/Task Shaders
Mesh Shader DispatchMesh API call and performance data shown.
Mesh Shader DispatchMesh API call selected and performance data pinned.

System Analyzer

System Analyzer now supports CPU metrics for Intel® 12th and 13th gen Core Processors, previously codenamed Alder Lake and Raptor Lake. These processors have Performance/Big Cores (P cores) and Efficient/Small Cores (E cores). System Analyzer now shows the distribution of work across these cores, both aggregated and individually, as well as the frequencies of these cores.

System Analyzer showing the load on each of the P and E cores.
System Analyzer showing the loads on the Performance (P) and Efficient (E) cores.

Intel® GPA Framework 

Full Stream Compression

Previously we supported compression for sub-captured streams only. But now you can compress (LZ4) as you capure, using the capture layer compression option.

./gpa-injector.exe --layer capture:compression=lz4 /c/Users/gamer/Games/asteroids_d3d12.exe

Sub-Capture Stability for DXR

The subcapture recorder tool now supports a broader range of DXR workloads.

./gpa-subcapture-recorder --compression-mode lz4 -s [158..172] /c/Users/gamer/Documents/GPA/asteroids_d3d12-2023-02-21--12-35-27-16888/