Quick Installation Guide for OpenCL™ Development on Windows* with Intel® Media Server Studio

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Updated 2/4/2015
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Intel® Media Server Studio is a comprehensive suite that enables development of awe-inspiring and visually enriching media applications, by providing access to the underlying media features that are exposed via the Media SDK and the drivers (Linux* and Windows*). The OpenCL™ Code Builder component assists with creating, debugging, and analyzing OpenCL™ applications for the underlying architecture.

If you want to use Intel® Media Server Studio for the OpenCL™ Code Builder installation, you will need to do the following: go to the Intel® Media Server Studio website, select either Professional, Essentials, or Community edition (the last one is a free product, so you might want to install that one if you are not planning to install additional components later on);

Now select the Intel® Media Server Studio for Windows Server download link:

and then make sure to only select Graphics Driver and OpenCL™ Code Builder entries:

Make sure to complete the installation and restart your computer.


About the Author

Robert Ioffe is a Technical Consulting Engineer at Intel’s Software and Solutions Group. He is an expert in OpenCL programming and OpenCL workload optimization on Intel Iris and Intel Iris Pro Graphics with deep knowledge of Intel Graphics Hardware. He was heavily involved in Khronos standards work, focusing on prototyping the latest features and making sure they can run well on Intel architecture. Most recently he has been working on prototyping Nested Parallelism (enqueue_kernel functions) feature of OpenCL 2.0 and wrote a number of samples that demonstrate Nested Parallelism functionality, including GPU-Quicksort for OpenCL 2.0. He also recorded and released two Optimizing Simple OpenCL Kernels videos and GPU-Quicksort and Sierpinski Carpet in OpenCL 2.0 videos.

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