The Journey Begins

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Updated 8/29/2018
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Ultimate Coder Challenge

In the first block we will talk about the approach we will take for next steps for the project.

We named the project as Organic Chemistry VR Way

The team

The team comprises of

  1. Manisha Biswas
  2. Avirup Basu
  3. Risab Biswas
  4. Abhishek Nandy

Key considerations

The first and the foremost thing is to get going with Mixed Reality in Windows* Environment the app needs to be Windows UWP app.

The project needs to be compiled in Microsoft Visual Studio* so that we can generate the solution file or the project file to be deployed as and UWP.

The project approach since we are targeting solution and an approach to Organic Chemistry we are working on the ways we can integrate those reactions easily.

First our approach will be to take an example of Benzene ring and build solutions from it.

The project needs a platform where we would develop our choice is Unity* with the latest version that has to offer.


Why we chose Unity*

We will be using Unity as there are lot of documentation available for it.As we are new to VR we had to use the IDE that has the least learning curve.

Some key considerations are it is easy to create a Mixed Reality Solution for our app.

The video we created

The first video we just demonstrate the key features and the headset within the Unity mixed Reality frame.

Windows* Mixed Reality

Windows Mixed Reality is a mixed reality platform that combines augmented reality with the effect of a head-mounted display to deliver a unique experience. The mixed reality application is a Windows 10 UWP app that runs on head-mounted displays.

The mixed reality platform has been around since the April 2018 Windows 10 Creators Update, which is required for mixed reality development.

Required tools

The preparation list for using a mixed reality headset is quite long as there are many things that need to be installed. These include:

Microsoft Visual Studio* 2017

To install, select the Universal Windows Platform and the Game Development with Unity software options. Ensure that hyper-v is enabled and that the version of Unity software used is Unity 2017.4.

Since we need to install the IL2CPP backend while installing Microsoft Visual Studio 2017, choose the Desktop Development with C++ option.

Heads up to the work we are doing I have already written an article on to get started with mixed reality using the use case of crowd simulation. Here is the link below.

We will continue our journey and start updating more as we learn the spaces of VR.