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Published: 08/20/2019  

Last Updated: 08/20/2019

Highlights from the AIDC Summit in Shenzhen, China, July 11

Group photo from Shenzhen AIDC

More than 180 artificial intelligence (AI) experts and enthusiasts converged on Shenzhen, China, on July 11 to experience the latest technology featured at the worldwide Intel® AIDC Summit Series. Presentations from leading AI developers and ecosystem partners showcased everything from machine learning and computer vision to deep learning and real-world applications.

Speaker at podium at AIDC in Shenzhen

AI Inspiration through Hands-on Learning

Regardless of AI skillset, Intel AIDC Summit attendance provides free, small-group training workshops on the Intel® AI portfolio, including the latest Intel® product hardware and software, tips and tricks for getting the most from open source tools available for AI development, and exposure to real-world use cases. Participants in Shenzhen heard their questions answered by AI experts as they networked with peers and potential mentors to explore how AI can improve and enrich their work.

Speaker with map slide at AIDC Shenzhen

Attendee Highlights

The 180+ developers and customer attendees experienced demos from AI ecosystem leaders throughout the event.

Demo display at AIDC Shenzhen

Attendees responded positively to the Shenzhen Summit, as evidenced by this sampling of their comments:

“This conference has great significance for the popularization and promotion of AI.”

“I believe more people with lofty ideals will join in.”

“Great AI and elementary courses. Thanks, Intel!”

“Intel has developed many fabulous AI products, and this conference provides us with an opportunity to have a comprehensive understanding of Intel products and broaden our horizon.”

Join Us for a Day of Hands-on AI Learning

The invitation list for every Summit consists of data scientists, researchers, developers, and management-level IT staff. Attendees should have a basic understanding of AI principles, machine learning and deep learning, Python* coding experience, and familiarity with TensorFlow*, Caffe* and other frameworks. For anyone desiring a refresher, Intel recommends optional introductory courses covering Machine LearningDeep Learning and Applied Deep Learning with TensorFlow.

AIDC Summit Series 2019

Find an Event Near You and Register

The AIDC Summit Series is being hosted in cities worldwide. These complimentary events have limited seating – make sure to check out the Intel AIDC Summit Series website to find a location near you.  

Want to learn more?

For details on the Intel AIDC Summit Series content, training materials, and other Intel AI resources, check out the Intel® AI Academy.

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