• 03/25/2021
  • Public Content

UAVs and SSBOs

When dealing with resources that have both read and write access in a shader, such as UAVs and shader storage buffer objects (SSBOs), consider the following:
  • These resource types may cause inefficient partial writes over the Xᵉ-LP 64-byte cache lines. Avoid these partial writes to get maximum bandwidth through the cache hierarchy. This can be done by ensuring that a single thread executing a given shader on a 4x2 group of pixels writes a contiguous 64 bytes on its own for output.
  • Access to read-only data is much more efficient than read/write data. Use these kinds of resources with caution and when there are no better options.
  • Do not set a resource to use a UAV bind flag if the resource will never be bound as a UAV. This programming behavior may disable resource compression.

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