FPGA Design Services Overview

FPGA Design Services Expertise & Skills

  • Design and implementation of video and image processing algorithms in hardware, firmware, and software
  • Implementation of software programmable, highly efficient deep neural networks on Intel® FPGAs and SoCs, including CNNs, RNNs and MLPs
  • RTL FPGA application development in Intel® Quartus® Prime Design Software
  • PCB design using the latest semiconductor devices and CAD tools
  • Algorithm development and DSP mathematics
  • In-depth knowledge of design standards for broadcast, medical and military systems
  • PCIe* system design
  • C / C++ / C# / Java software design for PC and embedded systems
  • Windows* and Linux* OS software including driver design
  • 3D graphics, including GPU Programming, Open GL, D3D etc.
  • ARM and x86 architecture


IP Capabilities

Our engineers have developed a broad range of vision and video processing IP in the form of software, firmware, hardware, and FPGA / SoC optimization. IP cores are available for video processing, connection and encoding and can be used individually or in combination to provide FPGA solutions for applications in broadcast, AV, aerospace / defense, medical, scientific and automotive industries. We typically offer design services using the following IP (in addition to the complete Intel® Quartus® Prime Software Suite):

Intel acquired Omnitek and the design service is now being offered as part of Intel® FPGA Design Services.