FPGA Design Services Overview

The Intel® FPGA design services team have developed a pool of expertise and a wealth of intellectual property (IP) to solve customer design challenges in the areas of intelligent video and vision processing. Our experienced and skilled designers are motivated to meet customers’ design needs with the most efficient and innovative solutions, using our library of highly optimized and proven IP.

This quest often leads us to develop more effective and efficient designs on Intel® FPGAs and programmable SoCs. Our experience covers a wide variety of applications ranging from high volume consumer electronics to low volume specialist design in markets such as medical imaging.

FPGA design services projects are managed as part of an overall program of resource management, risk management, and tracking to ensure that projects are delivered on time and on budget. All project engineers are assigned to customer projects based on their knowledge, skills, and experience of similar projects or technologies.

FPGA Design Services Expertise & Skills

  • Design and implementation of video and image processing algorithms in hardware, firmware, and software
  • Implementation of software programmable, highly efficient deep neural networks on Intel® FPGAs and SoCs, including CNNs, RNNs and MLPs
  • RTL FPGA application development in Intel® Quartus® Prime Design Software
  • PCB design using the latest semiconductor devices and CAD tools
  • Algorithm development and DSP mathematics
  • In-depth knowledge of design standards for broadcast, medical and military systems
  • PCIe* system design
  • C / C++ / C# / Java software design for PC and embedded systems
  • Windows* and Linux* OS software including driver design
  • 3D graphics, including GPU Programming, Open GL, D3D etc.
  • ARM and x86 architecture


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IP Capabilities

Our engineers have developed a broad range of vision and video processing IP in the form of software, firmware, hardware, and FPGA / SoC optimization. IP cores are available for video processing, connection and encoding and can be used individually or in combination to provide FPGA solutions for applications in broadcast, AV, aerospace / defense, medical, scientific and automotive industries. We typically offer design services using the following IP (in addition to the complete Intel® Quartus® Prime Software Suite):

Intel acquired Omnitek and the design service is now being offered as part of Intel® FPGA Design Services.




Over the years we have created a large portfolio of IP that has been developed for an extensive list of broadcast manufacturers who have gotten products to market significantly earlier than if they had to develop their own IP.

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Our video processing IP, connectivity IP and deep learning processing logic is equally at home in industrial automation applications where automated decisions need to be made based on camera or image sensor content.

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Intelligent Vision and Video

We have designed a suite of image processing IP that can be combined with our deep learning IP to provide a comprehensive range of tools to support manufacturers of intelligent vision and video products.

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We have created IP that specifically benefits medical design applications. This includes image signal processing IP to take Bayer data directly from camera sensors and provide the corrections required for very small optical devices.

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Military, Aerospace and Government

Aerospace and defense IP design often pose unique challenges. Our FPGA and SoC-centric design approach suites lower-volume, specialist product design. While many requirements are like other markets, we also recognize the different design methodology and standards required for these demanding applications.

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Modern automobiles contain a growing number of cameras for surround view and camera-based rear view systems. We provide a range of IP cores specifically implemented for automotive image processing of surround view cameras including video image stitch.

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The consumer market is broad and encompasses technologies that were previously only the domain of the professional AV industry, where our IP can be found in video conferencing, video over IP, interactive displays, 4K KVMs, and more.

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Test and Measurement

Test and measurement IP solutions are available that provide video waveform/data analysis and display. These have been developed by our broadcast television industry experienced engineers.

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