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  • 2022.3
  • 09/27/2022
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Graphics Monitor Window: Universal Windows Applications Tab (Windows* only)

Use the
Universal Windows Applications
tab to specify a universal Windows* app, configure and launch graphics performance analysis with Intel® GPA.
To access the analysis configuration, click the
Universal Windows Applications
tab on the Graphics Monitor configuration window:
Graphics Monitor: Universal Windows Applications Tab
Configure the following analysis settings:
  • Applications list
    shows a list of recently run applications. Each application is introduced by its icon, name, and ID (in round brackets). You can remove an application from the list by hovering the cursor over the application name and clicking the X button.
  • Use the
    Select application name
    drop-down list to select the name of the application you want to analyze. You can search the required application by entering its name.
  • Use the
    Select application ID
    drop-down list to view and select the application ID from the package. This drop-down list is active when there are several IDs in one package. Usually a package contains only one application ID.
  • Package and version information
    field shows the package name and version of the application you selected for analysis.
  • Use the
    button to open the Graphics Monitor Window: Options Dialog Box.
  • Click the
    button to launch the selected application.

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