Innovating and Investing In Arizona for 40 Years

We are proud to call Arizona home and we’re committed to creating a better tomorrow for our community.

Intel’s US Manufacturing Powerhouse

For more than 40 years, Arizona has been vital to Intel’s ability to create the world-changing technology we all depend on. Today, Arizona is Intel’s first mega-factory network and home to Intel’s newest, leading-edge manufacturing facility, Fab 42, and state-of-the-art semiconductor packaging capabilities.

Our Commitment to Corporate Responsibility

Our goal is to create a more responsible, inclusive, and sustainable future enabled by our employees, our technology, and our collective actions. 

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Advancing Arizona’s Economy

Intel has invested $30 billion in capital to build high-tech manufacturing capacity in Arizona, and Intel’s annual economic impact $8.6 billion. In addition to our nearly 12,000 Arizona employees, our operations support tens of thousands of additional jobs in the state and help create a local ecosystem of innovation. 

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Investing in Our Community

Our success depends on the health of our community, and Intel has long been committed to investing in our community to help make it more vibrant for everyone. In close collaboration with our employee volunteers, the Intel Foundation, and community partners, we are working to increase access to opportunity, empower the next generation of innovators, and expand our talent pool. 

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Supporting Arizona’s Environment

At Intel, we continually strive to improve our operations and minimize our impact on the environment. In our view, a commitment to sustainability requires a broad portfolio of efforts; we pursue new ways to reduce emissions, conserve energy, and invest in renewable energy, efficient building design, water conservation and restoration, and more. 

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Join Intel in Arizona

Whether you’re looking for an internship, temporary, or full-time position in engineering, software development, and everything in between, we’re always looking for the best and brightest to join our team. Come build the future with us.

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