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What Is Intel vPro®?

Discover the professional-grade, business computing foundation designed to empower employee productivity and enable IT teams to support and protect PC users in today’s changing business environment.

Intel vPro® Top Takeaways

  • Intel vPro® is a validated platform with built-in features for performance, hardware-based security, manageability, and stability.

  • Intel vPro® offers multilayer security out of the box and remote management capabilities so IT can better support users from anywhere.

  • A broad range of Intel® processors can be paired with Intel vPro® to address specific business needs, including the latest Intel® Core™ Ultra processors that are powered with AI, enabling new capabilities and experiences for your employees and business.



Meet the Demands of a Modern Workforce with Intel vPro®

The workplace of today is drastically different than it was even two years ago. Hybrid work is now the norm, with nearly 75 percent of employers2 offering it as a strategic workforce policy and 79 percent of organizations reporting they will have a mix of workers at home and in the office.3

This shift has not only transformed how employees work, creating more demands on productivity, multitasking, and collaboration, but also how IT enables employees to work in the most efficient, productive, and secure way from any location.

Effectively supporting these changes requires purpose-built, professional-grade computing technology. That’s where the Intel vPro® platform can help.

What Is Intel vPro®?

Intel vPro® is the business computing foundation that businesses need to navigate today’s challenges and capitalize on tomorrow’s opportunities. Designed with sustainability in mind and tested for the demands of the modern workplace, Intel vPro® comprises a set of built-for-business hardware and software technologies tuned for peak business performance and equipped with hardware-based security features and remote management capabilities to help keep business running with fewer interruptions.

Available with the broadest choice of form factors, a wide range of power-performance options, and support for multiple operating systems, businesses of all sizes and users of all types can benefit from the Intel vPro® professional-grade, interoperable experience that helps teams do their best work from any location.

Businesses and IT professionals across the globe are realizing the tangible benefits of the Intel vPro® platform. In a study by Forrester Consulting:

  • 92 percent of IT professionals surveyed found that their laptops and desktops were more secure than before standardizing on Intel vPro®.4
  • 74 percent found that laptop and desktop management costs had been reduced with Intel vPro®.4
  • 91 percent reported that laptops and desktops ran faster and better than before implementing Intel vPro®.4

Benefits of the Intel vPro® Platform

Intel vPro® offers IT, end users, and businesses a variety of benefits, including:

  • Professional-grade performance that enables a great PC experience, essential for business productivity. Intel vPro® helps boost employee effectiveness and performance across workloads and applications. The latest devices powered by Intel® Core™ Ultra processors with Intel vPro® will enable AI for business, unlocking new capabilities for productivity, collaboration, and creation.
  • Integrated, multilayer hardware-based security measures enabled right out of the box, including AI-powered threat detection that actively assists in monitoring for threats to help protect business resources and data.
  • Complete remote management capabilities5 enable IT to discover, configure, update, repair, and even retire user devices no matter where they are.
  • Reliable stability allows IT to maintain their fleet, scale with confidence, and transition from one OS generation to the next, all on their own schedule.
  • Rigorous hardware component testing ensures all devices built on Intel vPro® deliver a reliable and seamless professional-grade experience.

Gain Professional-Grade PC Performance

Setting your employees up for success starts by equipping them with powerful PCs that not only meet their work needs but also provide an enjoyable user experience.

PCs built on Intel vPro® are powered by Intel® Core™ processors, so users get the performance they need to fully take advantage of demanding business applications, tackling difficult workloads with ease.

For creative team members where high performance is critical, sales representatives out in the field talking to customers, or human resources professionals onboarding new employees, Intel vPro®-based devices powered by Intel® Core™ processors equip your employees with the computing power they need to excel at whatever they do.

For example, with Intel vPro®-based devices paired with 13th Gen Intel® Core™ processors, your employees can experience better business application performance over the prior generation with up to 15 percent faster Microsoft Office productivity6 as well as better productivity with up to 30 percent faster mainstream application performance compared to the current competitive offerings.7

Types of Intel vPro® Processors

Intel vPro®-based devices are available with a broad range of Intel® processors, enabling you to choose the combination that best meets your business needs for power optimization, graphics performance, memory, form factor, and more.

Depending upon your end user requirements, Intel vPro® can be paired with select generations of Intel® Core™ processors or, for powerful mobile workstations, paired with Intel® Xeon® W processors.

Additionally, you can outfit your Intel vPro®-based devices with Intel® Core™ Ultra processors that incorporate AI-enabled productivity enhancements and provide additional security and manageability features.

Boost PC Protection with Multilayer, Hardware-Based Security

The security threat landscape is constantly changing. Additionally, the growth of the hybrid and remote workforce has introduced new complexities and potential attack surface vulnerabilities, making it more difficult for IT to protect PCs outside an organization’s firewall.

Intel vPro® is built to address these advanced security challenges with integrated, multilayer security features designed for dispersed fleets. Available exclusively on Intel vPro®-based PCs, Intel® Hardware Shield adds out-of-the-box protections above and below the OS to help reduce the device’s attack surface, including AI-powered threat detection that actively monitors against attacks. Security integrated at the hardware level helps prevent malware injection, protect user log-in credentials, and keep applications and sensitive data secure; below-the-OS features help defend against firmware-based attacks. Additionally, PCs built on Intel vPro® Enterprise for Windows can be reached even if the OS is down, allowing your team to access devices that have been compromised regardless of where the device is located.8 9

With the multilayer security protections of the Intel vPro® platform available, you and your team can gain peace of mind knowing that intelligent security features are actively helping to protect users from malicious attacks and your business from breaches, all without bogging down productivity for the user or IT.

Get Complete Remote Management

With hybrid work now being used as a strategic workforce policy, offices and employee devices are now anywhere employees choose to work. This can make it more costly and time-consuming for IT teams to monitor, manage, and protect PCs.

To help IT simplify and streamline support in order to provide an improved end-user experience, the Intel vPro® platform provides modern hardware-based management capabilities via Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT). Intel® AMT, available on all devices built on Intel vPro® Enterprise for Windows, provides the advanced remote management tools IT teams need to manage a distributed fleet, enabling the ability to:

  • Remotely repair corrupted drivers, application software, or even the OS of nonresponsive systems.
  • Manage inventory better by detecting and monitoring the status of all endpoints on a network, independent of their power state, OS status, or connectivity type.
  • Keep the whole fleet consistent and up to date with remote, scheduled automated software patches and updates.
  • Reduce the number of software-based interruptions users experience by remotely waking systems and patching them during off hours.

Additionally, Intel vPro® remote management capabilities can help positively impact the sustainability efforts at your business while helping you stretch your budget and increase IT efficiency. For example, IT can perform PC maintenance or resolve issues without a truck roll or in-person desk visit, helping to lower costs and improve IT productivity. To help control energy costs and increase efficiency, IT can remotely set device wake times or power down entire fleets when they’re not needed. Learn more about sustainable IT and the sustainability benefits of the Intel vPro® platform.

Improve PC Reliability and Stability

Stable, validated hardware helps to keep your business running and your users productive and can enable smoother fleet management and business continuity, allowing you to focus your IT resources on business growth and innovation.

The Intel vPro® platform delivers the latest PC platform technologies in one integrated and validated solution. We partner with OEMs and OS providers to conduct thousands of tests and feedback loops each year to certify that Intel vPro® platform-based PCs meet rigorous standards and are validated for business. This also means that Intel maintains corporate platform validation for multiple OS versions at a time, so IT can transition from one OS generation to the next on their own schedule. Our multistep validation process also helps ensure that the highest possible standards are maintained throughout the PC value chain, from Intel to OEM to IT to end user. This gives IT and end users the stability and reliability of a true business-class device.

A key component to the stability and reliability offered with Intel vPro® Enterprise for Windows PCs is the Intel® Stable IT Platform Program (Intel® SIPP) Intel® SIPP aims to keep hardware components consistent for 15 months from product launch, including the silicon on the motherboard, the design, and each physical component. IT can be confident in scaling out their organization, knowing they won’t have to worry about revalidation when supplying systems around the globe. In a 2021 survey of ITDMs, 90 percent of respondents said that Intel® support and add-on solutions enabled by the Intel vPro® platform were a significant part of their overall value gained.10

Intel vPro®: The Business Computing Foundation That Makes PCs Professional Grade

As the workplace has evolved, so too have employee and business technology needs. Supporting the business and its end users has never been more complex. However, with the right platform and set of technologies—like those offered by the Intel vPro® platform—you can simplify that complexity while delivering the performance everyone needs to succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Intel vPro® platform and Intel® Core™ processors are used together to deliver the performance, security, reliability, and manageability required for professional-grade business PCs. Intel® Core™ processors power the computer and provide the performance that users need to get work done. Intel vPro® is the business-computing foundation of business-class PCs that brings together hardware and software technologies to make life easier for IT and help employees be more productive. These features deliver the security protections, manageability features, reliability, and stability employees and IT teams need to keep business running.


The Intel vPro® platform includes Wi-Fi hardware, I/O hardware, and extra firmware, all of which receive extra testing and validation to ensure a reliable and seamless PC experience. This extra validation extends to the processor. When paired together, Intel® Core™ processors and Intel vPro® allow IT to deploy and maintain a complicated, widely dispersed PC fleet to support a remote workforce more easily while maximizing employee productivity.

A broad range of Intel® processors, including Intel® Core™, Intel® Core™ Ultra, and Intel® Xeon® W processors, can be paired with the Intel vPro® platform to address specific business needs for power optimization, graphics performance, memory, form factor, and more.

The Intel vPro® platform offers a variety of benefits specifically designed to help employees, IT, and businesses overall with features including:

  • Professional-grade performance that enables a great PC experience, essential for business productivity. Intel vPro® boosts employee effectiveness and performance across workloads and applications.
  • Integrated, multilayer, hardware-based security measures that actively assist in monitoring for threats to help protect business resources and data.
  • Complete modern management capabilities,5 such as built-in remote management, that help businesses and IT simplify support and improve end user experience.
  • Reliable stability that empowers IT to maintain their fleet and scale with confidence. Rigorous hardware component testing ensures all devices built on Intel vPro® deliver a reliable and seamless professional-grade experience.