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Introducing Intel® Ready Mode Technology

Experience the power of “always on,” real-time updates, and more

Never again miss out on updates or video calls with your PC1

Your Intel® Ready Mode Technology–equipped PC can deliver the latest updates to you even while idle.  You never miss out on emails, IMs, real-time news and sports updates, social media posts, or weather alerts. It also lets you stay connected with friends and family by keeping your video conferencing apps running in the background.

Remote access

Do amazing things with your PC—at home or away2

Set your Intel Ready Mode Technology–equipped PC to sync and store photos from your mobile devices automatically when you arrive at home or the office. Access your PC to download photos, video, and more when you’re away, through apps on your phone and tablet.

Always on responsiveness

Enjoy “always on” responsiveness

Now there’s no waiting when you resume activity on your PC. With Intel Ready Mode Technology, your PC resumes to fully functional in an instant. It works by providing an alternative to traditional sleep—a quiet, low power state similar to the kind used by your cell phone and tablet.

Do not disturb hours

Get updates that respect your schedule

Want to turn off updates during certain times? Simply set “do not disturb” hours. Intel Ready Mode Technology will make sure that you’re not interrupted by incoming calls, alerts, or notifications by muting audio during the times you designate.

Learn more about Intel® Ready Mode Technology in the product brief >

Product and Performance Information


1. Requires an Intel® Ready Mode Technology-enabled system or motherboard, a genuine Intel® processor, and Windows* 7 or Windows 8 OS. Results dependent upon hardware, applications installed, Internet connectivity, setup, and configuration. For more information about Intel Ready Mode Technology, refer to http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/architecture-and-technology/intel-ready-mode-technology.html.

2. Results dependent upon hardware, 3rd-party applications, operating system, Internet connectivity, setup, and configuration.