Tablet vs. Laptop: A Compatibility Choice

Before You Buy

  • Think about how you use your device and determine which applications and features you want.

  • Test which screen sizes feel comfortable for you.

  • Think about how often you might like an attached keyboard to edit documents and other data.

  • Consider whether your future needs would require upgrades.



Now that Microsoft Windows* 11 is here to make our lives—as well as apps, music, and movies—more streamlined, fun, and accessible, you’ll want the right device to support your lifestyle. The device you choose to run the newest operating system is an important decision.

Tablet: A Fresh View on Fun

Today’s tablets with Windows* 11 keep you up to speed by running all your favorite apps. With scores of popular apps in the Windows Store*, you can play more games, listen and download your favorite music, and quickly access the news and weather you want… whenever, wherever you want.

Use your tablet to read a book, browse through a magazine, watch a movie in 3-D, and stay in touch with friends through a social network. And with improved battery life and an integrated graphics engine, you can enjoy all those activities for longer and with better visuals. For business, communications, or entertainment, these tablets deliver performance, speed, and agility users expect with exceptional battery life, and built-in security.

Laptop: Performance to Go

If you’re worried about damaging a tablet and you want the use of a firmly attached keyboard to create and edit documents and other data, then a laptop may be the computer for you. Powered by long-life batteries and Intel® Core™ processors, laptops deliver ideal performance and energy efficiency. They adapt to your needs by smoothly running multiple programs or apps, allowing you to work on a report or spreadsheet at your local bistro while keeping an eye on your social networks. And, when not in use, laptops automatically shut down unused cores for efficient power usage.

See for yourself the outstanding visuals and performance Intel laptops offer. And don’t forget to compare Intel® Core™ processors to find the level of performance you need.

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2 in 1: Best of Both Devices

The device inspired by Intel, the convertible 2 in 1, helps end the laptop vs. tablet debate. With a range of screen options to choose from, you can fold over, flip, slide, or swivel its touch sensitive screen to have a tablet experience. Then, quicker than you can find Wi-Fi at a coffee shop, you can return the screen to its original position to enjoy a laptop experience.

Enhance your devices with Intel® Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+) to keep you updated on all your emails and social networks.

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