FPGA Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) Calculator

Find guidance on the classification level of plastic devices that are sensitive to moisture induced stress, so that they can be properly stored and handled prior to assembly, solder reflow attachment, and/or repair operations. 

Enter the part number in the “Search Part Number” box to obtain the MSL rating.  Or select the values in the Filter By section: 1 – FPGA Device Family, 2 – Product Line / Density, 3 – Package Type + Pin Count, and 4 – Solder Type (if applicable). 1

Note: For device drying or baking conditions, please refer to the higher temperature (125C +/10C, <5% RH) User Bake conditions stipulated in J-STD-033 Handling, Packing, Shipping and Use of Moisture, Reflow, and Process Sensitive Devices.

A RoHS-compliant part number is denoted by the suffix "N".

Moisture/Reflow Sensitivity Classification

If a device is classified as MSL 1, it is not moisture sensitive and the device does not have to be dry packed again after the pack has been opened.

If a device is classified at a higher numerical level, it is moisture sensitive and must be dry packed in accordance with J-STD-033.

If a device is classified as Level 6, it is extremely moisture sensitive and the dry pack will not provide adequate protection. Please refer to Intel® packing label on the baking time before reflow soldering.



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