Download Serial RapidIO® to TI 6482 DSP Reference Design



This page contains download files, system requirements, and support information for the Serial RapidIO (SRIO) Interoperability with TI DSP 6482 Reference Design. The reference design is based on a Stratix® II GX 130 device.

Download Serial RapidIO MegaCore Interoperability with TI 6482 Reference Design

System Requirements

The system requirements to use this reference design include:

  • One Bittware GXAM Card (includes an Intel® Stratix II GX 130 device)
  • One TI 6482 EVM Kit (henceforth referred to as TI DSP card)
  • One USB ByteBlaster™ cable
  • Quartus® II 7.2 software version 7.2 including SOPC Builder, the SRIO MegaCore function, and the Intel Nios® II embedded processor
  • TI Code Composer Studio Software version 3.2