Timing Analyzer Report Register-to-Register Paths



This example shows a simple Tcl script that you can use to report the worst case setup check in the Timing Analyzer user interface. A setup check verifies that the setup clock requirements of the register-to-register path is not violated. Copy the Tcl commands to a script file and run it by typing the following in the Timing Analyzer Console pane:

tcl> source my_script.tcl

# Run a setup analysis between registers "regA" and "regB",
# reporting the worst-case slack if a path is found.
set my_list [report_timing -from regA -to regB]
set num_paths [lindex $my_list 0]
set wc_slack [lindex $my_list 1]

if { $num_paths > 0 } {
   puts "Worst case slack -from regA -to regB is $wc_slack"