Custom Script for Reporting



The Timing Analyzer can execute a custom timing report script to generate a timing report in the Quartus® II Compilation Report after each design compilation in the Quartus II software. It allows flexibility to specify exact paths and the type of timing analysis to be performed.

Use the Tcl Script File for customizing reports during compilation option to specify a custom timing report script. This option is available in the Quartus II software, Timing Analysis Settings under the Assignments menu. Figure 1 shows the option in the Quartus II software.

Figure 1. Custom Script Option

After you have specified the custom timing report script, the script will be executed each time the Timing Analyzer is called from the Quartus II software. The following example shows a sample custom timing report script.

report_timing -from_clock [get_clocks clk_src] -to_clock [get_clocks clk_dst] /
-setup -panel_name {My Report}

create_timing_summary -setup -panel_name "Summary (Setup)"

Figure 2 shows the Quartus II Compilation Report after the Timing Analyzer runs the custom timing report script.

Figure 2. Custom Report Output

The custom script is not executed when a timing analysis is being performed in the Timing Analyzer UI. The custom script is executed only when the Timing Analyzer UI performs a timing analysis in the Quartus II software.